Thursday, 04 March 2021 13:32

Vsevolod Ermakov in the club "500"

Vsevolod Ermakov in the fifth game in a row kept the goal intact, not conceding a goal for 519 minutes. He entered the symbolic club "500" goalkeepers. For Ermakov, the current result is a personal record. Prior to that, he showed his best result in the previous championship at Shirak, with 441 clean minutes.

Ermakov's result is 4th place in the list of Ararat goalkeepers. He has a good chance of surpassing the record of former team goalkeeper Stepan Ghazaryan, who in the 2013/14 season did not concede goals for a total of 580 minutes in 6 league games.

In the current championship, Ermakov played the 8th clean sheet, which is the best result. In 39 of 75 games in the Premier League, Ermakov did not concede goals. According to this indicator, he is second only to Anatoly Ayvazov (45 games) and Nenad Radaca (41) from foreign goalkeepers.

The club "500" includes goalkeepers who managed to keep the goal intact in the matches of the Armenian championship for more than 500 minutes in a row. The unique record holder is the former goalkeeper of "Shirak" Raymond Zaduryan, who in 2002 kept the goal intact for 755 minutes in a row.