Tuesday, 13 April 2021 16:00

Tigran Gharabaghtsyan: Our team is ready to fight on two fronts

Sports director of "Ararat" Tigran Gharabaghtsyan gave an interview to Armenian-soccer.com 

Before this season, Ararat Yerevan made radical changes, updating both the players and the coaching staff of the team, which lead to visible results in the matches. Today Ararat is the leader of the Vbet Armenian Premier League and confidently moving forward in the cup tournament. We talked with the sports director of Ararat Tigran Karabakhtsyan about which “stars” were correctly placed for Ararat in the 2020/21 season and what programs the club is currently implementing.

Mr. Gharabaghtsyan, let's start with your players who were called up to different National Teams of Armenia. Are you satisfied with their performances?

As you know, we had representatives in both the youth team and the national team. Sure, we are pleased with the performance of Seroj Titizian. He had a very good start and scored a wonderful goal. Seroj has a great height in the game, and it is impossible not to notice it.

Karen Muradyan also got into the National Team and, and I think, he had a good match with the Romanians. I think that Karen has been showing quality football for a long time and definitely deserves to wear the national team jersey. We are glad that Ararat players can help National Teams to succeed.

Since we talked about Seroj Titizyan, I would like to dwell on him in more detail. After the French youth teams Sarreguemines and Metz, it was not difficult to adapt to Armenian football, and are there any plans to make him a player of the main team in the near future?

Of course, adapting to Armenian football after France is not an easy task, but the player must be given credit. Seroj was able to adapt to our football in a fairly short time, in which, of course, he also played the role of a coach. His goals and assists are a vivid confirmation of this. If you have noticed, he was included in the first team and even played in the Premier League. His talent was noticed by the coach from the very beginning and, naturally, plans for the future are associated with him.

In the championship standings, which are headed by Ararat, the leaders are very closely lined up. What kind of fight do you expect for the championship?

In general, the fight for the championship has been very hot in recent years. This year also. We will do our best to become the champion again after a long break. The opponents are strong, but our team is ready to fight on two fronts and achieve the best result. 

The current season as a whole is difficult and with losses for Armenian football, which cannot but affect you. Is this all the result of some kind of crisis and what way out do you see?

You are right, this season is going quite hard and with losses. War was added to the coronavirus, and you perfectly understand that in those days it was very difficult to prepare for the games, even psychologically.

However, the club is doing everything it can to prepare the team for the best in this challenging season and a critical part of its conclusion. 

Many years have passed since the day of the great victories of Ararat. Today the team is really fighting for the championship. Which stars were placed correctly in the 2020/21 season?

You know, Ararat is the historical club of Armenian football, and every year we try to fight for the highest places. In any case, the sponsors of the club set the task before each season to fight for high places and make investments. Another thing is that the season can be unsuccessful, but the management and sponsors of the club are doing everything to make the team perform well.

Before this season, there were some lineup changes. The fact that Artur Nazaryan came to the club also made positive changes.

The team had very good signings. It is impossible not to notice the work of the head coach of the team Vardan Bichakhchyan, as well as new, high-quality additions of the players. The team consists of experienced players, guys from the national team play in the team, this is also the key to success. We had a good training camp, which, as you know, is a fact for the fight for the championship.

Even in the most difficult years of Armenian football, only two teams had an army of their loyal fans, who, by the way, were not very tolerant of each other. Did the changes and transfers that took place before the start of the current season create additional tension?

I think the fans of Ararat are unique. They are with the team no matter what, and I can thank them for always being with the team.

I did not notice any tension. Of course, there may be many comments on the Internet, but they do not reflect the real picture. I have not noticed this and, in my opinion, everyone understands that this is football, an integral part of which are transfers and replacements.

And continuing the fan theme. How much the restrictions due to COVID, which were in effect for almost the entire year, hindered the team.

I have already said that this season has been difficult in many ways. We tried to adapt to the restrictions of the coronavirus, like other clubs. It was difficult to play and train in such conditions, but once again I would like to note the coaching work, which, thanks to professional work, achieved good results even in such conditions. Of course, the sponsors of the club tried to find the best solution in every issue in order to contribute to the success of the team.