Saturday, 03 February 2024 17:50

Winning a test match

On February 3, Ararat played a test match with Van in the Dzoraghbyur training camp and won 3:0. The game took place in the following format. four halves of 30 minutes each.
After the first two halves, Ararat took a two-goal lead thanks to goals from Ransome Ibeh and Kassim Hadji.
In the third and fourth halves, "Ararat" played mainly with the second-team players and managed to score the third goal. Kalifala Doumbia stood out after Aram Aslanyan's pass.
At the end of the game, Van could have reduced the score difference, but Nemanja Lemajić played confidently, pushing back the penalty.

03:02:2024, Dzoraghbyur sports base, friendly match

Ararat - Van 3:0
Goals: Ransome Ibeh 28, Kassim Hadji 54, Kalifala Doumbia 72

Ararat lineup: 1st half. Tiago Gomes, Aymen Mahmoud, Albert Khachumyan, Volodya Samsonyan, Malick Berte, Serob Galstyan, Gor Malakyan, Aleksander Aleksanyan, Armen Nahapetyan, Kassim Hadji, Ransom Ibeh.

2nd half. Nemamiya Lemajic, Hadji Moustapha, Mikayel Ayvazyan, Henrik Khachatryan, Clinton Dombila, Alik Hovhannisyan (Aramayis Khachatryan 91), Manvel Sayadyan, Suren Kirakosyan (Gagik Simonyan 91), Suren Grigoryan (Suren Kirakosyan 101), Aram Aslanyan (Alik Hovhannisyan 112), Kalifala Doumbia.