Monday, 23 October 2023 19:40

Our gratitude and respect to the legendary Ararat-73

In connection with the 50th anniversary of the golden season of Ararat-73, the technical partner of Ararat, the Swiss company Fourteen, has released a retro T-shirt inspired by the T-shirt of Ararat-73 in the final victorious match of the USSR Cup in 1973 with Dynamo Kyiv. 

The colors of the t–shirt are deep blue and white, and the Ararat logo on the chest is exactly the same logo worn on the chest by the legendary Ararat–73 football players in the final match.

On October 24 at 18:00 in the match "Ararat" - "Van" our players will take to the field in these T-shirts. 

These limited edition T-shirts will also go on sale in the near future.