Tuesday, 20 June 2023 15:45

Official statement

After the end of the 2022/23 season, goalkeepers Sergei Revyakin and Gor Manukyan, defenders Hovhannes Nazaryan, Vardan Arzoyan, Dusan Mijic, Teddy Mezague, midfielders Armand Dagrou and Zile Tiehide, striker Amara Traore complete their performances in the Ararat squad.

Sergey Revyakin played for Ararat in the 2019/20 and 2022/23 seasons, having played a total of 33 matches.

Gor Manukyan took part in six matches of the Fastex  Armenian Premier League as part of Ararat.

Dusan Mijic has played 15 matches and scored 2 goals for Ararat.

Hayk Ishkhanyan joined Ararat at the beginning of last season and participated in 26 Premier League matches as part of the team.

33-year-old Teddy Mezague took part in 9 matches and scored 1 goal as part of the team.

Arman Hovhannisyan played 6 matches for Ararat in the season that ended.

Hovhannes Nazaryan spent two seasons with Ararat, taking part in a total of 26 matches and becoming the author of one goal.

Vardan Arzoyan took to the field 9 times in the final championship in an Ararat T-shirt, and in general, he played 80 Premier League matches and scored one goal as part of Ararat.

Armand Dagru spent 27 matches and scored 1 goal in two seasons with Ararat.

Zile Tiehide played 11 matches for Ararat, and Amara Traore took part in 27 matches and scored 3 goals.

Football Club Ararat thanks the players for their professional work and wishes them further success․