Saturday, 29 April 2023 21:54

Dusan Mijic: I want to respond with a good game to a good attitude towards me

The Serbian defender of the Ararat Dusan Mijic gave an interview to the Serbian newspaper "Dnevnik", which we present to your attention in translation.

Dusan Mihic, who played for Serbian clubs Mladost and Novi Sad, moved to Ararat Yerevan during the winter transfer window, where he immediately attracted the attention of football fans.

And there were reasons for this because he was very strong not only as a wrestler but also as a pupil of the Bukovac football school (approx. - Dusan Mijich was engaged in wrestling and football at the same time until he was 18. He became the Serbian wrestling champion three times.).

- I left Novi Sad and moved to Ararat, one of the biggest clubs in Armenia, - Mihic begins to tell. - Ararat is participating in European competitions, the club is very stable and organized and has a fairly high level. There have been changes at the club in the winter, and the club's leaders have big plans for the upcoming season. Of course, they want to strengthen the team and improve the organization of the club at all levels, although everything is fine now.

Ararat has its own sports base, where football players live, and there are fields with natural and artificial turf.

- I adapted very quickly because I was very well received here. I want to respond to the good attitude towards me with a good game on the field and already scored a goal in my debut match. Then I scored another goal. I can boast that together with the captain of the team, I am the only player who was in the starting lineup in the last eight matches (approx. - the interview took place on April 19.)

After four rounds, there was a change of coach, but Dusan remains among the best․

- My goal is to play well until the end of the season and help the team rise in the standings. Of course, then we will be able to talk about our ambitions. Now we are in seventh place, a lot of new players have appeared, but we believe that we can take a much higher place. In the last matches, we have won two and drawn one game, which gives us optimism.

By the way, Dusan played in different positions on the Yerevan team:

- I started as a right central defender in a system with three defenders, and then I played as a right defender, holding the entire right edge of the defense, - sums up Dusan Mijic.