Wednesday, 22 March 2023 22:36

An event dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Ararat-73

This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of the glorious victory of Ararat-73 ․

In this regard, Ararat Yerevan plans to hold events symbolizing the champion season during 2023.

The first event will be held on March 28 in the building of the Union of Artists of Armenia (Abovyan 16). On this day, the opening of an exhibition by photojournalists Herbert and Melik Baghdasaryans will be opened. The exhibition will be valid from March 28, 15:00 to April 1.

The Baghdasaryan family has been engaged in photojournalism for about 100 years. The founder of photojournalism in Armenia Nemut Baghdasaryan began work, then it was continued by his sons Herbert and Melik Badasaryans․ And now, the sons of Melik Baghdasaryan Hayk and Vahram work in the "PhotoLure" agency founded by them. Herbert and Melik Baghdaryans documented the best shots of the glorious victory of Ararat-73, on the basis of their archive, an exhibition was prepared ․

On this day, the presentation of a book published by FC Ararat -  Arsen Kakosyan "On the night after football: the diary of the fan". This is a translation from Russian to Armenian of the book, which was published in 1974. The book was prepared in conjunction with the Mediamax agency.

Here, the author through the eyes of the fan re-worries and conveys to his diary the impression of all the Golden season games of 1973.

The book, which begins with the uncertainty and expectations preceding the new season, does not contain only fan emotions, although there are a lot of them. The author is trying to analyze and understand the reasons for the mass of football, the features of the sports team, and his leadership. There are stories about the difficulties that the players have overcome the heroes of the 73rd year, as well as interesting and valuable interviews, the opinions of contemporaries, and criticism. The purpose of the Armenian publication of the book is to once again recall the glorious victory of Ararat and make its details available to a new generation․

On the 50th anniversary of winning the titles of winning USSR League and  Cup, Ararat, together with its shirt sponsor, Fastex has prepared a special NFT collection, which will also be presented during the event ․

We invite everyone who is interested in the glorious victory of Ararat-73 to attend this event and once again recall this memorable page of Armenian football.