Friday, 26 November 2021 17:22

VBET Armenian cup: We are in semifinal

In the VBET Armenian Cup Ararat started the fight from the quarterfinals.

Having won the cup last year, this season Ararat began to defend the title with a match against Noah.

In the first half of the match, there was an equal fight, both teams were a little cautious. A standard situation came to the aid of Ararat in the first half. Hovhannes Nazaryan became the author of the goal after a penalty kick in the 31st minute, hitting Noah's goal for the second time this season.

In the first 45 minutes, Noah made two forced substitutions, which affected the team's game. First was replaced by Raymond Anane-Jias, then Alexandre Oliveira. Benik Hovhannisyan and Petros Avetisyan entered the field instead.

In the second half, Noah went ahead to save the game. The guests had several good chances, but each time Vsolod Ermakov showed himself perfectly. “Ararat” relied more on counterattacks, which also turned out to be dangerous.

No more goals have been scored! The match ended with a score of 1: 0 and Ararat won a ticket to the semifinals.

VBET Armenian Cup, quarterfinals
Yerjan, Republican stadium
Ararat - Noah 1:0
Goal: Hovhannes Nazaryan: 31

"Noah" - 99 ․ Grigory Matvosyan, 7․Eduards Emsis (87․ Alexander Karapetyan, 63) 20 20 Simoes de Oliveira Alexander Miguel (96․ Petroe Avetisyan, 40) 17. Joao Monro Ararat, 13 ․ Pavel Kirienko, 65 Raymond Anane-Dzhias (10․ Benik Hovhannisyan, 9) 5․Igor Smirnov, 8․Sargis Shaginyan, 92․Sana Gomez, 97․Albert Gabaraev, 15 ․Maxim Mayrovich.

"Ararat" - 45 ․ Vsevolod Ermakov, 33 ․ Hovhannes Nazaryan, 5 Hrayr Mkoyan, 99 ․ Robert Drabinyan, 8 ․ Zhirayr Margaryan, 27 ․ Ivan Diaz, 11 ․ David Manoyan (23․ Gor Malakyan, 75), 18 ․ Edgar Malakyan, 26 ․ Alik Arakelyan (7․ Isah Aliu, 75), 55 ․ Dimitrie Pobulich (9․ Razmik Hakobyan, 90), 17 ․ Yakuba Silue.