Saturday, 11 September 2021 14:06

Strong-willed victory over Alashkert

In the match of the 6th round, Alashkert won.


The first 45 minutes of the match were held with the advantage of Ararat. From the very beginning of the game, Bichakhchyan's team won the game and territorial advantage and carried out several dangerous attacks.

Despite the advantage, Ararat was the first to concede a goal. In the 29th minute, Alexander Glisic opened the score of the match.


"Ararat" scored a return goal very quickly. In the 31st minute, after the transfer of Zhirayr Margaryan, Serge Deble made the score 1-1 with a brilliant shot. It was the third assist for the Armenian defender this season.

In the 44th minute, the Ararat players organized an excellent attack. Pobulic noticed Edgar Malakian well, who made a beautiful pass with his heel to Serge Deble, and Ivory Coast captured the goal of Cancarevic, making a double. Alashakert tried to increase the pressure but missed another goal. In the 76th minute, Yakuba Silue equalized the score after getting a good pass from free-kick.

At the end of the match, Alashakert reduced the difference in the score. Embalo clearly converted a penalty.

Thus, Ararat wins 3:1 in the standings, gaining 15 points.

Vbet Armenian Premier League, Round 6
Republican Stadium, Yerevan
"Ararat" - "Alashkert" - 3:2
Goals: Deble-31, 44, Silue 76 - Glisic-29, Embalo-90+5

"Ararat" - 45․Vsevolod Ermakov, 5 ․ Hrayr Mkoyan, 29․Marco Prljelevic, 44․Juan Bravo, 8․Zhirayr Margaryan, 11․David Manoyan, 27․Ivan Díaz (20․ Rudik Mkrtchyan, 87), 18 ․ Edgar Malakyan (23․ Gor Malakyan, 77), 26․Alik Arakelyan (17 ․ Yacouba Silue), 55․Dimitrije Pobulic (2․ Robert Hakobyan 77), 10. Serges Deble.

"Alashakert" - 22. Ognjen Cancarevic 2․ Coelho Andrade Tiago 5․ Boris Kadio 21․ Artak Grigoryan 3․Taron Voskanyan 33․Dejan Boljevic (95․Marko Milinkovic, 69') 98․ Branko Mihajlovic (88․ James Santos, 48') 27․David Khurtsidze (16․Vincent Bezecourt, 46') 10․ Alexander Glisic (77․Grigor Aghekyan, 46') 9․Rumyan Hovsepyan (7. Wangu Gome 46), 70. Embalo.