Saturday, 04 September 2021 20:58

We summarize the results of the camp in Odessa: "It went better than planned"

The youth teams of Ararat held a training camp in the Ukrainian city of Odessa from August 27 to September 3.- Как подытожите сбор? Насколько эффективно это получилось?

- The training camp was held at a high level. Even better than planned. The teams born in 2005 and 2007 went to the training camps. They were also joined by children born in 2008. Instead of the planned 6 matches, we played eight matches. The children gained a lot of experience, and it was a good experience for us, the coaches, as we played against teams with a completely different style of play.

- What can you say about the matches held? How useful were they?

- In one of the eight matches we played, we won, played three draws, and suffered four defeats. I think it was a good result for the first time, given that the opponents were quite strong, the young Ukrainian football players were distinguished by high game intelligence. In addition, clubs there have much more opportunities to choose players.

The most important thing is that our guys have accumulated a lot of international experience. One of the main problems of youth football in Armenia is the lack of international matches, and I think that in the case of at least two such training camps a year, the players will record great progress.

- How much will the training camp help the team in preparing for the season? What is the status of the team?

- In addition to the accumulation of the already mentioned experience, it is also very important to improve the team game and the atmosphere. I think there will be a lot of progress in this regard. The teams are in good condition, there are no injuries, we will spend the last week after a few days of rest before the start of the championship.

- Were there any difficulties in working with children or did they approach the work as professionals?

- Of course, there were some difficulties during excursions, walks around the city and trips to the sea, as children are very curious. However, at the hotel, during the games, they had a very mature behavior, because we constantly emphasized that, despite the entertaining components of the training camp, our main goal was training and games, and to hold the name of our country and club high. We went for seven days, but we can say that we have accumulated a year's experience. We should try to participate in the best tournaments in the future and play with the best opponents, which will greatly contribute to the development of young footballers.

Results of control matches held during the training camp․


"Nikolaev" - "Ararat" 1-3
"Nikolaev" - "Ararat" 2-2
"Odessa" - "Ararat" 3-0
"Junior" - "Ararat" 2-2
"Palmyra" - "Ararat" 4-1

"Palmyra" - "Ararat" 4:3
"Nikolaev" - "Ararat" 3: 0
"Odessa" - "Ararat" 3:3