Saturday, 04 September 2021 18:42

We lost to Urartu in a friendly match

There is a pause in the Vbet Premier League of Armenia due to international matches. Ararat held a friendly match with Yerevan "Urartu" using a pause. The match took place on August 4 at the FFA Technical Center / Football Academy.


The first 45 minutes of the match were spectacular and turned out to be productive. Ararat mostly owned the ball and had a game advantage. Bichakhchyan's players, however, were able to realize only one of a number of scoring chances. The author of the beautiful goal was Edgar Malakyan.

Urartu used its chances at the end of the first half and beat the score. First, Livio Milts equalized the score with a long-range shot, and a few minutes later Karen Melkonyan accurately converted a penalty.


The start of the second half was unsuccessful for Ararat. Another penalty was awarded in favor of Urartu, which this time successfully implemented Ugochukva Ivu - 1։3․

After conceding a goal, our team continued to exert pressure. Edgar Malakyan had a good opportunity to score a goal twice, but after his shots, the opponent was saved twice by the bar.

The rest of the time, Ararat owned the initiative. Yakuba Silue had a good scoring chance, but in one of the episodes, his shot was higher. At the end of the match, the Ivorians could have reduced the difference in the score, but they could not convert a penalty.


04․09․2021, FFA Technical Center / Football Academy

Friendly match

"Ararat" - "Urartu"՝ 1։3

1-0 Edgar Malakyan (29'), 1-1 Livio Milts (32'), 1-2 Karen Melkonyan (P 40'), 1-3 Ugochukwu Ivu (P 53')

"Ararat" - 45․ Vsevolod Ermakov (1․ Poghos Ayvazyan), 29․ Marco Prelevic, 33․Hovhannes Nazaryan, 99․Robert Darbinyan (44․Juan Bravo), 8․Zhirayr Margaryan (15․Arsen Sadoyan), 27․Ivan Diaz, 20․Rudik Mkrtchyan (6 ․ Erik Vardanyan), 18 ․ Edgar Malakyan (2 ․ Robert Hakobyan), 18․Alik Arakelyan (9․Razmik Hakobyan), 55․Dmitry Pobulic (7. The IP Aliyah), 10. Serge Deble (17. Yakub Silue).