Thursday, 26 August 2021 13:54

A difficult victory over Noravank

In the 5th round of the VBET Premier League of Armenia, Ararat played with Noravank. The match was held at the Gyumri City Stadium.

Prior to this match, Ararat won three victories in a row, but in the match of the 4th round, "Sevan" lost with a score of 2:0. "Noravank" was able to win only one victory in 4 matches and suffered 3 defeats.


The game started very well for Ararat. The first dangerous attack has already turned out to be effective. In the 3rd minute, Alik Arakelyan received the ball after passing from the flank and opened the score of the match after an individual pass.


After scoring a goal, Ararat retreated a little and began to rely more on counterattack tactics. Noravank had no choice but to rush forward to save the game.


Noravank tried several times to organize a dangerous attack at the gate of Vsevolod Ermakov, but none of them was successful. Instead, Bichakhchyan's team completed one of the quick counterattacks in their favor. The author of the goal was Serge Deble.


The most unpleasant episode of the match was in the 37th minute, when DavidtManoyan was injured as a result of a collision with a partner and left with a bandage on his head. Instead, the meeting was continued by Erik Vardanyan, who made his debut with Ararat.


Noravank started the second half well. Vahe Gevorgyan's team started active attacks and in the 52nd minute, Ebert made the score 2:1 with a free-kick.


At the end of the game, the teams exchanged one goal each. Firstly, after a good pass and a pass from Igor Stanojevic, Serge Deble recorded a double. In the last minute of the match, Arman Mkrtchyan made the score 3:2.

Thus, Ararat wins with a minimal advantage and earns 12 points.

Vbet Armenian Premier League, Round 5
City Stadium, Gyumri, 200 spectators
"Ararat" - "Noravank" - 3:2 (2:0)
Goals: Alik Arakelyan 3, Serge Deblay 31, 85-Ebert 52, Arman Mkrtchyan 90

"Ararat" - 45․Vsevolod Ermakov 33 ․ Hovhannes Nazaryan 5 ․ Hrayr Mkoyan 99․Robert Darbinyan (44 ․ Juan Bravo, 55) 8․Zhirayr Margaryan 11 ․ David Manoyan (6․Erik Vardanyan 40) 23․Gor Malakyan (55․Dimitrie Of Pobulic, 65) 18․Edgar Malakyan 26 ․ Alik Arakelyan (22 ․ Igor Stanojevic, 65) 7. The IP Aliyah (17 ․ Yakub Silue, 55) 10. Serge Deble.

"Noravank" - 35․ Dusan Supracolic 24․Igor Zonjic 63․Temur Mustafin 99․Arman Mkrtchyan 10 ․ Karen Nalbandyan (66 ․ Erik Petrosyan, 89) 37 ․ Sergey Orlov 25․Gabi Cardoso 4․Mikhail Bashilov (5․Norayr Nikoghosyan, 84) 7. Andranik Kocharyan (77․David Minasyan, 79) 8․ Julius David 20․Simone Oebanda (19․ Eigenem Boateng, 84).