Thursday, 29 July 2021 09:19

Vardan Bichakhchyan: "A good defense and a high-quality attack is our plan"

In the second qualifying round of the UEFA Conference League, Ararat plays with the Slask representing Wroclaw.

The first match was held in Gyumri on July 22 and ended with a score of 2:4. The second match will be held on July 29.

Today, the pre-match press conference of the head coach of Ararat Vardan Bichakhchyan took place at the city stadium of Wroclaw.

- What is your game plan for this meeting? Will you focus more on offense or defense?

- After the first game, there was a rather difficult situation. The score suggests that we must play competently in defense and eliminate the elementary mistakes of the first game. It is clear that we have no right to concede a goal: a good defense and a high-quality attack is our plan.

- Will Mory Kone play?

- Yes.

- Have you specially prepared for this match, given that a large number of fans are expected?

- In football, the most important part is the fans. We play for them. We know that Slask will have a lot of support, but we also have our fans who will support us from afar, but they will support us. If we have the desire to play well tomorrow, then we must overcome this pressure.

- Will there be any changes in the squad compared to the game in Gyumri?

- So far, there are two or three positions where we have not decided who should speak. In general, there will be no big changes.

- After the game in Gyumri, we noted that the opponent's players were tall and scored goals for this reason. You also noted that this would be the main problem, but you could not solve it. Have you already found a solution?

- We know our mistakes, we know where we made a mistake. We will try to eliminate these mistakes and, if possible, distinguish ourselves in defense with a secured game, not allowing the opponent to use their strengths.

- The coach of Slask in Gyumri noted the importance of not falling into the trap of Ararat. How big will the role of surprises prepared by the coaches be in this confrontation?

- After the first match, the opponent has the advantage. It is clear that this account is in their favor. We must act reliably in defense, not conceding goals, in order to distinguish ourselves with a productive game and in attack. It will be very difficult, the opponent has a two-goal advantage and they also think about the attack. We must act correctly and defensively to expect good results.

- It seemed that the balance in Gyumri was not satisfied. The team, having conceded goals, went forward with too much strength, leaving the rear free. What does it take for the team to play patiently and how much is it controlled by the coach?

- You correctly noticed, it was our very first mistake. After the first goal, we noticed disciplinary violations. We tried to do everything to save the game, although no matter how hard we tried to calm it down. The course of the game affected the team's psychology a little. After the goal in the second half, we conceded very quickly, and there was no such calmness in the actions of the guys. Tomorrow, we, the coaches, will try to do everything to ensure this paramount calm, the rest will show the course of the game.