Thursday, 22 July 2021 09:57

Slask held a pre-game training session in Gyumri

In the second round of the conference draw, the rival of Yerevan Ararat Slask Wroclav held a pre-game training session at the Gyumri city stadium, which was preceded by a press conference of the team's head coach Jacek Mageria and football player Patrick Yanasik.

The delegation of the Polish team arrived in Gyumri on July 20, held a training session in one of the city's parks in the evening, and today held the last training session before the match:

"Before coming here, we knew what kind of weather we should expect. The weather and climate cannot be an excuse for us. Our goal is to move to the next stage," said the head coach of the Polish team. "The fact that the Hungarians arrived in Armenia just a day before the game did not affect our decision to come two days earlier. As a football player and coach, I have been to Georgia, Moldova, Macedonia, Israel and Turkey. During such long trips, it is important to go and adopt a day earlier."

Patrik Janasek said the following about Ararat: "We have studied this team quite well, but I would not like to say many details. I will just say that we have prepared well and intend to move on to the next stage"

Recall that the match Ararat - Slask will be held on July 22, July 17.00, at the Gyumri City Stadium.