Thursday, 22 July 2021 00:46

Vardan Bichakhchyan: "There is no tension, we are thinking about entering the next stage"

On July 21, the head coach of Ararat Vardan Bichakhchyan held a press conference.

- In what condition is the team approaching the game and are Juan Bravo and Alik Arakelyan ready for the match?

- The team has prepared well for tomorrow's match. Alik Arakelyan and Juan Bravo are also ready for the match.

- How do you assess the chances in tomorrow's match?

- I estimate the possibilities 50/50.

- Are you preparing to play more attacking football tomorrow, given the fact that it will be more difficult in the second leg in Poland?

- We always try to play balanced football. As you know, each round of the Conference League consists of two matches. In my opinion, everything will be decided in Poland, therefore, we will play balanced. In no case do I see any reason to go all-in in the first game?

- Compare Slask and Fehervar. Do you think that the match with Slask could be easier?

- There are no easy matches in football, especially in European Cup matches. In my opinion, Fehervar and Slask are equal in terms of the level of play, therefore, a very difficult match is expected. Probably, tomorrow after the match we will have a certain picture.

- What can you say about the strengths and weaknesses of Slask?

- I don't want to open the "quotes", we studied the opponent, watched the last matches. I will say that this is a strong team, equipped with good players. I also know that the team is headed by a fairly experienced coach. This fact is probably the most important.

- You have a lot of experience working at Shirak, but you have never played in the third round. Is this game special for you in this regard?

- I can't say that this is a special game, but once again this opportunity has been given and we will do everything to overcome the barrier of the second round.

- Will the draw in tomorrow's match satisfy you?

- I don't want to make predictions. We have a clear program for the game. The game will show how well our tactics will work. Therefore, I will talk about tomorrow's match after the match.

- In the previous matches, Serge Deble spent 37 and 54 minutes. When will he be ready to play 90 minutes and how much does the team's playing style depend on his presence?

- It is impossible to prepare a football player for 90 minutes of the game in a short time. In case of haste, there is a possibility of getting injured. Deble is a professional, and after the match with Fehervar, we had a week of preparation. This time works in favor of Deble. During the week, at least a little, but we were able to improve his physical condition. In this game, most likely, he will get more playing time.

I must say that every player on the field is very important, including Deble. He is an attacking player and we hope that tomorrow he will be able to distinguish himself with a productive game. For us, however, the team game is important.

- But the fact that Ararat has overcome the qualification round for the first time in 22 years does not cause unnecessary tension and obligations?

- Perhaps there was a little tension before the first round, but now I don't think that this fact can be paid attention to. This will not prevent us, there is no such tension. Today we think that we can overcome the barrier of the second round with a good game. The game will show how much it will succeed.