Thursday, 15 July 2021 23:50

Bichakhchyan on fixture vs Fehervar․ «We were disciplined during all 90 minutes»

After the fixture vs Fehervar FC (HUN) Ararat's Head Coach Vardan Bichakhchyan answered questions during the post-match press-conference.

- Your opinion on the match?

- After the first match I said that everything will be decided in Gyumri. Taking into the consideration that UEFA has canceled the away goal rule, the result of the 1st leg match in Hungary was giving us no advantage. We knew that this match would be very tough for us. I am very grateful to the player, they gave everything they had to achieve the result we wanted. Our opponent was very strong, they had qualified players. We were aware that we would have big problems if we get relaxed and give them territory and space. We played very disciplined and the result is the victory against very strong opponent.

- If there is a possibility to choose where to play the next match will it be Gyumri or Yerevan?

- With no doubts - Gyumri!

- Juan Bravo and Alik Arakelyan were injured during the match. Any news?

- Not yet.